Introducing Instant Audiences

Instant is excited to introduce Audiences - the game-changing new tool to drive 5x more revenue on autopilot




July 18, 2023


Jesse Peters
Head of Marketing @ Instant

At Instant, our mission is to grow revenue and retention for online brands - on autopilot. We’re incredibly excited to announce our new game-changing product - Audiences.

Instant is on a mission to power eCommerce with seamless purchase experiences shoppers love. But with ever decreasing conversion rates, online brands are looking under every rock to attract and convert new, high-intent shoppers. 

Did you know that personalised abandoned cart emails account for 28% of all eCommerce revenue? It’s true. Abandoned carts aren’t lost sales. They’re indications of high-intent and we’ve found a way to turn lost carts into an even bigger revenue driver for online sellers. 

Meet Audiences: a new, non-intrusive and compliant tool to grow your email list with verified shoppers, so you can remarket to them in a way that makes sense for your brand and we can’t wait to tell you about it. 

In this post you’ll learn:

- Features that turn anonymous shoppers into revenue

- Why abandoned cart emails are just the tip of your revenue potential

- How to grow your email list 10-15x faster (the right way)

- The new way to remarket to lost traffic that actually converts shoppers

Say hello to Audiences

Audiences is a new tool to help online brands turn anonymous website visitors into new sales. 

It does this by identifying anonymous - but high-intent - website users, and matches them with opted-in buyer profiles from the Instant buyer network. 

Online brands can then download their verified email addresses into a predetermined email list, allowing them to seamlessly remarket to shoppers and convert 5x more revenue. 

Go beyond abandoned carts

Audiences takes abandoned cart emails to another level. Traditionally, online sellers will need to wait for a shopper to add an item to cart and fill in their contact information before they can effectively remark to them. 

Imagine now being able to send a hyper-personalised email to your lost traffic without needing them to enter in any contact information? 

Audiences gives you the power to supercharge your abandoned cart efforts 10-15x faster with lists of high-intent shoppers. It’s a no-brainer. 

Get more emails - the right way

Grow your email list 10-15x faster with verified email addresses from high-intent Instant buyers. For savvy online sellers this is literally cash on demand. 

Every Instant buyer is a verified shopper. They use Instant as their preferred checkout on their favourite online stores. If they’ve visited your site, you can access their email. It’s that simple.

Take the guesswork out of remarketing

Are you sending abandoned cart emails without understanding what other products your potential buyers are interested in? With Audiences, you’ll get the information you need about page views and time spent on every page so you can send more informed and hyper-personalised email campaigns to your lost customers. 

Getting started

Audiences is the new way to interact with customers in a hyper-personalised and intelligent way. To get started, reach out to our team to get a tailored demonstration and to see how it will work on your online store. 

Tired of losing high-intent traffic without being able to remarket to them? Audiences can help you grow revenue 5x times faster. See how today.