How Global Footcare's brands saw a 42% increase in conversion with Instant

How Global Footcare's brands saw a 42% increase in conversion with Instant

A simplistic and easy purchasing experience is currently a regular struggle for any brand. If a customer wants to buy something, they'll want to buy it without a hassle. For a lot of brands, implementing this simplistic checkout experience and seeing an immediate uplift in conversion is enough of a reason to start using a solution like Instant.

We have been working with Global Footcare for about 6 months now, but the results were immediate: in just one month, conversion had increased by 42% with Instant.

As a Gold Coast based family company, Global Footcare has grown rapidly to become a mecca for globally-renowned orthotic-friendly shoes, and footcare products. With an initial focus towards the wholesale market, their business has recently expanded to working directly with their customers via their online stores. Global Footcare offer the largest supply of shoes and a variety of universal footcare products across 15 (and growing) individual brands in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Merchant Problem

  • Problem: High abandoned cart rate and complex traditional checkout flow.

  • Solution: Implement a frictionless, 1-tap purchasing experience driven by Instant.

Maintaining such fast growth & high momentum requires streamlined, customer-friendly experiences. In early 2021, Global Footcare CEO, Jeff Coombridge realised the complexity around online checkout, and in particular the huge drop-off rate online. After checking out the alternatives, Jeff chose Instant as the best match for Global Footcare’s brands’ needs.

Attracted by Instant’s core consumer experience, Coombridge and his digital team agreed that by making the checkout and purchasing experience instant, right from the product page, with very minimal clicks would be a huge win for their brand.

Instant Results

  • 🚀 Uplifted conversion by 42% (going from 3.1% to 4.8% conversion rate) just one month after implementing Instant Checkout.

  • 🛍 High organic engagement with over 77% of all Instant Checkout interactions or clicks converting to actual completed sales.

What they say...

"After installing Instant across all of our brands, we have seen an amazing increase in conversion to the instant payment process. It’s a no brainer. With less points within the checkout process that the customer can drop off, and less information and time spent filling out long forms - Instant has certainly reduced cart abandonment issues. We saw an immediate adoption with 75% of all our orders now being processed with Instant. Instant has been so beneficial, we’re planning to look at further integration approaches with our traditional checkout flows and Instant to further enhance the customer experience."

- Jeff Coombridge - CEO of Global Footcare Group

Even if you put all the happy thoughts aside and focus on the raw numbers, Instant is helping brands like Vionic, Revere, Scholl, Naturalizer, etc apart of the Global Footcare Group win. That's why we do what we do.

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