Instant Features: Order Batching

Instant Features: Order Batching

The checkout experience is universally frustrating. Having to fill out multiple fields every time you check-out with an online retailer is a tedious process that we’re on a mission to make quick and painless. Here at Instant, our checkout product offers a variety of features that work harmoniously to create the optimal checkout experience.

One of these features is Order Batching.

Order Batching allows customers to return to a retailer’s site post-purchase to add items to their existing order. Customers are able to do this as we have enabled a 5-minute timer in which edits and additions to their purchases can be made.

For retailers, allowing orders to be batched ensures they are only charged one transaction and delivery fee - eliminating additional costs that would be seen when making two separate purchases. More importantly, this feature also saw a strong uplift in AOV.

For customers, order batching allows them to add things they might’ve missed. We're taking the regret out of online shopping by ensuring customers can go back to check and add things they might've forgotten or something else they'd wish to purchase.

Watch Order Batching at work with one of our partners, Forcast:

Order batching

Instant's features are designed to make the checkout experience as painless as possible.

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