Instant Features: the Post-Purchase Experience

Instant Features: the Post-Purchase Experience

At Instant, we value the entire customer journey. Checking out with us shouldn’t just be frictionless, instantaneous and simple, it should also be considered. There are various components in our checkout process that are thoughtful - from the countdown, to order view summary, order batching and others. We’ve focused on the entire purchase experience, even post-purchase.

Our 5 minute timer allows customers to review, edit, add to, or cancel their order at no consequence. They are given 5 minutes after placing their initial order to make changes or change their mind. When customers are given opportunities to double check their order and make sure everything is correct, they feel assured of their decisions.

But, what happens when the timer runs out? What happens if you just exit the page?

If the customer's used Instant, and the timer has run out, they'll be able to view their recent orders. Here they'll find a list of the orders they've made with Instant. They'll be able to view the summary of their orders, wether or not it was complete or cancelled, order the items(s) again, or contact the store.

If it's still within the 5 minutes of initial order placement, you are still able to cancel your previous order at no additional fees or consequences, otherwise you are presented with a list of your previous orders.

You are also able to access this dashboard through the order placement and confirmation e-mail that Instant sends you with your order. This dashboard is still an MVP, and we have a long way to go before we can call it complete.

We're making the checkout experience simpler for merchants and buyers alike. We've thought of customer's experience throughout the journey and have created an experience that gives them back the power to make changes and change their minds. Merchants benefit from a simple checkout solution that is straight-forward and focused on customer experience.

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