Pay Instantly: Frictionless Features

Pay Instantly: Frictionless Features

Pay Instantly: Frictionless Features

At Instant, we’re building the future of a frictionless economy. Recognising that checkouts are universally frustrating, we set our sights on changing the way consumers shop. We’ve designed a seamless checkout experience with a range of features that work harmoniously to provide a no-brainer checkout option for both merchants and consumers.

Your first time with Instant

Your First Time with Instant

Customers using Instant for the first time will have to fill in the mandatory fields, as with any other payment gateway. They will need to fill in their name, shipping address, payment details & contact information - but only when they use Instant for the first time.

After doing this process once, when customers shop on other sites that utilise Instant, their purchase happens in an Instantly, without having to fill out their details again.

Our checkout product has numerous features that work together to make buying on the internet easier.

Upsell & Recommendations

Recently deployed, Upsell & Recommendations presents customers with additional items from the merchant's store after they've purchased their initial product(s). Once their order is confirmed, they get a summary of their items with the ability to edit, add to, or change any aspect of their order.

For customers, this gives them a chance to view items they might've missed in their initial search. They're able to click into the product, read its' description, select a size and add it to their order without having to leave the payment page.

For merchants, this allows them to present additional products to customers and presents an opportunity to increase their average order value (AOV). This is especially valuable for merchants that have repeat customers, as recommendations tailored to customer's behaviour improve customer retention.

Upsell interface


Instant offers a countdown feature that provides customers the power to make edits and changes. When a customer confirms their purchase, their order is placed, and within the 5 minute time-frame, they can change their payment details, shipping address, go back and batch more items into their order, or completely cancel their order.

This features provides added assurance and autonomy back into the shopper’s hands. Customers can cancel their order with no consequences or additional fees.

Watch as an order is placed and cancelled:

Order Batching

Order Batching allows customers to return to a retailer’s site post-purchase to add items to their existing order. Customers are able to do this as we have enabled a 5-minute timer in which edits and additions to their purchases can be made.

For retailers, allowing orders to be batched ensures they are only charged one transaction and delivery fee - eliminating additional costs that would be seen when making two separate purchases. More importantly, this feature also saw a strong uplift in AOV.

For customers, order batching allows them to add things they might’ve missed. We're taking the regret out of online shopping by ensuring customers can go back to check and add things they might've forgotten or something else they'd wish to purchase.

Checking out with Instant is a no-brainer. Interested in giving your shoppers the Instant experience?

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