Connecting Instant to your Product Pages

Connecting Instant to your Product Pages

Increase new customers and conversions with one-step checkout functionality added to every product page.

Increase new customers and conversions with one-step checkout functionality added to every product page.


Emily Omerovic

Emily Omerovic


July 5, 2023

July 5, 2023

Every online seller wants it. There are thousands of platforms that have solutions for it. And, it’s the most essential interaction you have with customers if you’re looking to drive sales.

We’re talking about product pages.

Without a slick, aesthetic product page, there is no sale. So how can online sellers really drive sales directly on their product pages to make a real impact on revenue growth?

After reading this post, you’ll have a clear view on:

  • Why even highly-optimised product pages won’t result in new customers

  • The eCommerce conversion funnel & the importance of the product page

  • How Instant works to boost conversions directly on the product page

  • Customisation features and how to test high-performing buttons for fast results

Let’s get into it.

What if we told you that optimising your product pages for conversion is pointless if your checkout journey is too long?

We know this sounds controversial. Don’t get us wrong. There is 100% absolute merit in optimising your product pages for conversions. After all, a clean and clear offer, optimised “purchase now” buttons and stand-out product photography are all critical elements to having a modern, high-converting product page.‍

If you’ve done all of the above and are still facing issues with low conversion rates, then your biggest problem is friction in the checkout experience.

‍A high number of your customers may be adding your products to their cart, but they are dropping off along the way from viewing cart, to checking out, to filling in all the fields you need to get their order to them, and process the payment.

‍We get it. It’s complex. After this article, you’ll be an expert at converting shoppers on your product pages but there’s one more thing we need to cover before we get into our feature highlight.

Now stick with us a little while we take you through our favourite concept: The eCommerce Conversion Funnel.

The eCommerce conversion rate funnel is basically the wild west: It’s making you lose sales. But we have a solution.

A picture tells a thousand words, and the below graph is pretty clear on the importance of your product pages.

Product Funnel


Let’s do some quick math. If you had 10,000 weekly sessions, that'll generate 300 weekly sales from a 3.3% conversion rate. At an average order value of $100, that's $33,000 in weekly revenue.

Now imagine…‍

What if you could remove the add to cart stage, and also increase your conversion rate from 3.3% to 5%. That would generate an additional 170 sales and $17,000 in revenue. Not increase in marketing spend. No increase in refunds. It's just one checkout button that remove the friction for customers when they want to purchase from you.

Serving your customers a complex and long purchase journey is causing drop-off in the conversion path, and is costing your business real revenue.

This is why we created Instant. To remove the friction in the purchase journey and speed up the point of conversion when the customer is most-likely to purchase.

Lean on Instant checkout to optimise conversions from your existing traffic

You’ve done the hard work of attracting website visitors to your store, so it’s fair to say they wouldn’t be scrolling through your products without any intention to buy.

‍Instant is an optimised checkout experience that gives shoppers a personalised, one-click checkout experience directly on the page their browsing.

‍Once ready to buy, online shoppers simply click the Instant checkout button and they can literally pay in one second.

If they have shopped with you before or have created an Instant buyer profile from a different seller, they can also experience our personalised checkout buttons that display their name, payment method, and cost of purchase.

Worried that your shoppers want to purchase more than just one item?

Fear not!

‍They can continue shopping or they can cancel they order easily and add more items.

Customise and test high-performing checkout buttons

With Instant, you have full control over how your product page checkout buttons look. You can change anything you need from your brand colours, to the font, to where you want it placed on your product page.‍

We also integrate natively with Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, providing a seamless brand and user experience that boosts conversions by 31%.

We take the frustration out of clunky checkout experiences and turn sessions into transactions. Our customer success and support team are there to help you every step of the way as well.‍

Want to change a colour of your buttons? We got you. Want to move the placement of your button? Too easy.

If you’re ready to see what Instant can do for your conversion rate, book in a demo below.

See Instant in action

Discover how Instant can help you generate more revenue, faster.

See Instant in action

Discover how Instant can help you generate more revenue, faster.