Introducing: Personalised Checkout Elements

Introducing: Personalised Checkout Elements

Personalised checkout increase conversions by 202%. Learn about our new checkout feature that is skyrocket your sales.

Personalised checkout increase conversions by 202%. Learn about our new checkout feature that is skyrocket your sales.


Emily Omerovic

Emily Omerovic


July 14, 2023

July 14, 2023

Our new personalised elements will help you create longer lasting relationships with customers and quickly convert browsers into repeat shoppers.

Optimising and personalising your checkout is key to driving long lasting relationships with customers and building consistent, recurring revenue. That’s why we recently rolled out personalisation elements that’ll help you:

  • Grow customer engagement by welcoming new and existing customers.

  • Give customers frictionless purchase experiences.

  • Optimise your checkout for conversions.

Stick with us for a little bit of a personalisation journey. In this post, we’ll take you through:

1. The psychology of personalisation and why we all love it

2. Why you’re missing out by not personalising your checkout

3. Everything you need to know about Personalisation Elements.

We promise you, you’ll want to start personalising everything when you’re finished with this post.

It started with personalised Coke cans, and now you can personalise anything from aprons to ammo boxes.

Personalised Coke

It’s true. Personalisation is a hit in the commodity space. And there’s some real scientific evidence to back it.

When it comes to mass production, customers really feel like they don’t identify with a product that doesn’t represent their values. Personalised products help global sellers reach engaged buyers by:

  • Allowing shoppers to express their individuality

  • Convey their unique identities

  • Facilitate social connects by sharing their personalised products

  • Helping them to navigate choice overload with cut-through

And there’s so much more to it - in fact, so we can get to the fun stuff you can read about it here.

There are hundreds of millions of products out there, and they’re being produced en masse. Direct to consumer brands have a real competitive edge against global, multi-brand sellers because they’re seen as being more bespoke and speak more directly to wants and desires of their customers.

Personalisation speaks to the heart of shoppers in a….for want of a better word… really personal way.

With that in mind, why would you not personalise the most important touch point in your customer journey?

Direct-to-consumer and online brands work so hard to drive high-intent traffic to their site. So much so in fact that online sellers are willing to invest a massive 12% of their budget on digital marketing.

Without factoring in the lost revenue from failing to optimise paid traffic, personalised checkout experiences have been proven to:

  • Generate a higher average order value by removing noise and choice overwhelm

  • Increase customer loyalty by providing richer customer experiences

  • Drastically improve conversion rates by grabbing more attention

After all, grabbing your customers attention at the most important moment in their purchase journey is why we created this exiting feature. So let’s dive into how it works.

A personalised checkout experience helps you convert more shoppers, more often‍

Personalised Checkout

Instant Personalised Elements are the newest feature that will transform your checkout. It’s a checkout banner that welcome’s back your existing customers, as well as welcoming new Instant shoppers to your checkout.

  • It’s pre-filled for faster checkout experiences

  • It’s personalised for richer experiences

  • It’s secure with shopper authentication

  • It’s effective and drives more conversions at the full checkout.

There’s no other personalisation element on the market compared to Instant

We’ve done the research. Checkout personalisation in the eCommerce market hasn’t developed to the level that Instant has taken it to. Personalisation tips from other sites include:

  • Segmenting customers manually (really?!)

  • Customising your checkout design…if you really have a spare hour or three

  • Optimising your checkout performance

  • Giving your customers their payment method of choice..

Don’t believe us? Book a demo today to see Personalisation Elements in action.

See Instant in action

Discover how Instant can help you generate more revenue, faster.

See Instant in action

Discover how Instant can help you generate more revenue, faster.