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Adorn Cosmetics increased checkout completion by 33% in one month

Believe it or not, it's possible to increase checkout completions by 33% in one month. Adorn shows us how.
Increased cart conversions
Faster checkout speed
Adoption rate with new customers
Australian Made, Zero Waste Refillable Beauty that's Kind to Your Skin
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Kelly Wilson
Marketing Manager



With Instant since

November 2, 2022

About Adorn

Adorn Cosmetics  is an Australian all natural makeup brand that's kind to skin and the environment.

Their premium makeup range caters to all skin types and concerns, and they even have a mens range for those looking to remain well-groomed and environmentally conscious.

Founded back in 2008, Adorn Cosmetics is backed by real certifications and have been a trusted brand among Australians for over a decade.

Like many of the brands we work with, Adorn is a customer-centric brand that felt their checkout experience wasn't up to scratch for their brand ethos.

They needed a checkout experience that delivered a purchase experience as ethereally pleasing as their products.


Adorn Cosmetics is a premium brand. It's Australian made. Produces zero waste, refillable products. And it's personalised. They offer free-expert advice to shoppers if they send in a photo.

Every step of their purchasing journey is well thought-out and personalised.

But there was one kink in their customer experience chain: the generic checkout that comes with the Magento 2 platform.

Maybe you like to think there are no real challenges, only opportunities? That's what Adorn thought when they approached Instant.

Now there isn't anything wrong with the Magento 2 checkout experience. But it wasn't enough to provide a seamless, personalised checkout experience.

Anyone looking to purchase an Adorn product would have to add the item to the bag, click on the mini-cart, view cart, click on checkout, and then fill in everything from scratch.

Yikes. Just reading that made us want to abandon that cart.

See how Instant transformed their cart below.

Our customers have thanked us for adding this function to our website. The team is incredibly responsive and provides exceptional support. Instant's roadmap is inspiring and indicates they are focused on growing and improving. We highly recommend Instant Checkout!

Kelly Wilson, Marketing Manager


Instant isn't just a checkout, it's a personalisation tool for standout purchasing experiences.

Adorn now uses personalised call-to-action buttons on their product pages, featuring the buyers name and payment method directly on the button.

Personalised call-to-action buttons are known to increase conversion by 202%, so this was a no-brainer for Adorn.

Adorn also enabled the Instant checkout feature on their mini cart. This now meant that customers could checkout immediately in the mini cart, without having to click all the way through to the checkout.

And lastly, Adorn added Instant to their checkout page. This cut out 10+ unnecessary fields, and three different checkout pages.

The integration between Magento and Instant Checkout has been incredibly seamless. Within one week of launching, Instant Checkout has become one of our most popular checkout options.

Kelly Wilson, Marketing Manager

Within one month Adorn saw an immediate uplift in conversions, and this is what happened.


The Adorn checkout is 20% faster, they have an 8% repeat purchase rate, and 32% of shoppers that use Instant are new.

Adorn is a great brand with a great vision, and now they have an amazing checkout experience to boot.

We know we're a little bias, we know Instant is a great product. But let's end on a happy note, with an Instant review from an Adorn shopper:

Order all done. Just want to say how good Instant Checkout was.

Happy Adorn Customer