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ExtremePC more than doubled their conversion rate

ExtremePC were able to double their conversion rate alongside a 52% faster first time checkout time.
increase in revenue
faster first time checkout time
repeat customer conversion
One of New Zealand’s largest online IT e-commerce stores with a product portfolio of over 50,000+ computer hardware, software, accessories & electronic products at competitive prices.
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Jimmy Lv 
Marketing and Support


With Instant since

November 1, 2022


ExtremePC, a leading New Zealand online retailer specialising in high-performance gaming and computing equipment, faced a significant challenge with their checkout conversion.

The generic checkout process on their BigCommerce platform consisted of six steps, which became a major roadblock for potential customers. This extensive checkout process not only frustrated users but also resulted in around 78% of customers abandoning their shopping carts.

Customers were vocal about their frustrations with the lengthy checkout process, with some even mentioning it in Google reviews. Being in a very competitive industry, ExtremePC recognised the importance of offering a seamless and convenient user experience to stand out in the market. They wanted to find a solution that was easy to implement, without requiring any programmers, coding or changes to the website structure.


Instant's optimised checkout solution was tailored to the needs of ExtremePC. It provided an alternative to the lengthy generic process, offering a streamlined and personalised approach. The new solution left customers satisfied and with the most convenient path to purchase.

An added bonus Instant provided was 3D Secure for fraud prevention. Because ExtremePC sells high value items, they had experienced previous issues with fraudulent transactions and the lengthy dispute chargeback process - Instant was able to enable the extra layer of security and provide peace of mind to both ExtremePC and its customers, ensuring that transactions were secure without causing the inconvenience and administrative burden required with manual validation.

“The reason why we wanted this kind of product is because our customers really didn’t have the patience to go step by step.
We had six checkout steps on BigCommerce. Some customers only finished two steps and felt so inconvenienced they exited to write a negative Google review.
There were too many steps for our customers to make a purchase, because they had to manually input a lot of information. The Instant product solved a big problem for us.”

-  Jimmy Lv 


Our solutions for ExtremePC not only addressed the challenge of low cart conversion but also significantly improved overall customer satisfaction and security. All without the need for complex website restructuring or coding changes.

The elimination of the six-step checkout process resulted in a significant boost in convenience. Customers no longer had to input copious amounts of information manually, significantly reducing friction in the purchase journey. Resulting in a 52% faster checkout process.

Generic checkout users were just 22% likely to convert, but with Instant Checkout, this conversion rate surged to an impressive 47%—more than doubling the conversion rate.

Repeat customers experienced even greater convenience, with a 70% likelihood of successfully finalising their orders.

In just 30 days, Instant Checkout resulted in 223 incremental orders, attributing a 20% boost in revenue—an achievement that has stayed consistent Month-onMonth working with Instant.

The addition, 3D Secure for fraud prevention not only safeguarded against fraudulent transactions but also built trust with customers, reinforcing ExtremePC's commitment to their security and satisfaction.

ExtremePC was able to stand out by offering a more user-friendly shopping experience, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the gaming and computing equipment market.