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Global Footcare increased conversions by 42% across all their labels

Global Footcare kicked low conversions to the curb so customers could (literally) buy more kicks.
Increased cart conversions
Decrease in refunds
One-click checkout users
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Jeff Coombridge



With Instant since

August 22, 2023

About Global Footcare

As a Gold Coast based family company, Global Footcare has grown rapidly to become a mecca for globally-renowned orthotic-friendly shoes, and footcare products.

They tout an impressive arsenal of brands including Vionic, Revere, Scholl, Vita Sole and more, offering the largest supply of shoes and a variety of universal footcare products across 15 individual brands in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Many businesses that experience the pace of growth that Global Footcare experienced will attest that maintaining a high-quality customer experience while you're growing at the speed of light can be incredibly challenging.

Jeff Commbridge, CEO of Global Footcare realised in early 2021 that in order for their fast growing business to scale at pace, they need to streamline all their processes - including the checkout experience.

Like Jeff, many new online sellers realise there is substantial complexity around online checkout, particularly when it comes to reducing drop-off.

Global Footcare approached Instant to optimise their checkout and purchasing experiences right from the product page to the full checkout, all with as minimal clicks as possible.


Global Footcare is a multi-brand international seller, and on top of this, they own a range of high-growth brands where demand was beginning to outpace supply.

This is a great problem for any business owner, however, they had one problem that was impacting their bottom line - a low traffic to checkout conversion rate.

In addition to this, they were seeing a high-volume of buy-now-pay-later transactions come into the fold, meaning their transaction fees were on a steady upward incline.

Jeff believed that the cumbersome process of their generic checkout was not only impacting their conversion rate, but it was providing a poor customer experience and increasing their return rate.

So in short, before approaching Instant, Global Footcare was experiencing:

  • Low conversion rates due to a cumbersome checkout experience
  • Increased transaction costs due to a higher than preferred adoption of buy-now-pay-later
  • An increasing number of customer returns

The hypothesis? An improved purchasing experience delivered through a faster, optimised checkout experience will improve all of the above metrics.

See below how it played out.

After installing Instant across all of our brands, we have seen an amazing increase in conversion to the instant payment process. It’s a no brainer.

Jeff Coombridge, CEO


Platforms that promise to increase checkout conversions are a dime a dozen - but the fact of the matter is that Instant has the data to back up these claims.

Global Footcare worked with Instant closely to see where on their site they could drive more conversions from the traffic they've already acquired.

Here's what Instant implemented for Global Footcare:

  1. Instant checkout capability on each individual product sites across all their brands
  2. Instant checkout functionality directly in the mini-cart
  3. A personalised shopping experience in the full checkout


Across all brands, Global Footcare saw an increase in checkout conversions by 42%. This. Is. Massive.

This is the highest conversion rate that's been backed by data compared to competing solutions in the market.

The 42% uplift in conversion Global Footcare experienced after adding Instant to their Magento store was just the start.

Instant now processes 75% of all Global Footcare transactions - meaning buy-now-pay-later fee's are at a more manageable level. This also shows what customers will go through in order to avoid friction at the checkout!

Customers looking to shop with Global Footcare now have a quick, one-tap checkout with Instant now converting 67% of all interactions to sales.

This has also resulted in nearly 50% less refunds compared to industry average. With a more streamlined purchase experience, Global Footcare are now only processing 6.3% of refunds compared to the average 12.2%.

With less points within the checkout process that the customer can drop off, and less information and time spent filling out long forms - Instant has certainly reduced cart abandonment issues. We saw an immediate adoption with 75% of all our orders now being processed with Instant.

Jeff Coombridge, CEO