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How Amaroso acquired new customers through Instant SMS

Find out how Amaroso increased revenue by an additional $18k
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September 12, 2022


Amaroso Boutique, a popular online fashion retailer, faced a common e-commerce challenge – cart abandonment.

With approximately 60% of potential customers abandoning their carts and not completing their purchases, Amaroso made the decision to stop losing opportunities with such impressive website traffic. 

They contacted Instant to help increase conversions, and drive more revenue. And through Instant Checkout, Amaroso were able to increase conversions by 40%. 

Pleased with the result, they also jumped at the opportunity to implement and trial Instant SMS. 


Instant SMS has six key components:

1. Customer Identification: Instant is able to identify cart abandoners in real-time, enabling Amaroso to act Instantly.

2. Automated SMS: An automated SMS is sent to the potential shopper one hour after cart abandonment. This SMS features personalised content, including a reminder of the items in the cart and a direct link for a seamless Instant Checkout.

3. Personalisation: Personalisation is at the heart of Instant SMS. Abandoned cart shoppers are addressed by their name, and the messaging body is tailored to match the contents of their abandoned carts.

4. One-Click Checkout: Something that sets Instant apart from other SMS products is the unique, pre-filled link sent to abandoned cart shoppers, allowing them to seamlessly complete the checkout process right from their messages - in one click! 

5. Opt-Out Option: This ensures compliance with privacy regulations and empowers abandoned cart shoppers to manage their communication preferences.

6. Tracking and Analytics: Instant provides valuable insights by tracking SMS delivery, open rates, and conversion rates. 


Here's the results from the first 30 days with Instant SMS:

  • 1,667 Messages Sent: Over the initial 30-day period, 1,667 SMS messages were sent to abandoned cart shoppers.
  • 60 Conversion: 60 recipients completed their purchase directly from the SMS - driving a SMS conversion rate of 3.6%.
  • Instant Attributable Revenue: Those who converted generated an additional $6,138.34 in revenue for Amaroso Boutique.

“Instant SMS amplified Instant Checkout. Since we’ve worked with the Instant Team, we’ve continued to see fantastic results. We can’t wait to see what’s next!”

- Elisha, Co-Founder

Instant SMS rescued abandoned carts generating material revenue that would have otherwise been lost. Keen to learn more? Book in a demo now.