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How NOVO captured lost revenue from abandoned cart shoppers

Instant SMS helped Novo achieve 🚀 revenue growth. Find out how.
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NOVO Shoes is a leading retailer in shoes and accessories.
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Katie Chisholm
E-commerce Manager



With Instant since

March 24, 2023


NOVO Shoes is a leading retailer in shoes and accessories with a proven track record of delivering show-stopping marketing campaigns. 

However, they had a problem – because of a clunky checkout experience, shoppers were abandoning carts at a rate inconsistent with their business objectives. 

NOVO Shoes also found that the majority of these abandoned carts were from anonymous shoppers, limiting their ability to identify and communicate with this segment of high-intent shoppers.


NOVO Shoes partnered with Instant to target abandoned cart shoppers via SMS with a simple message, followed by an even simpler checkout experience. 

Instant Checkout - was used to simplify the path to purchase through a one-page and white label checkout solution.

Instant SMS - targeted abandoned shoppers via SMS with the ability to convert directly within the text message. Alongside targeted and customised messaging, this solution provided a personalised and simple way for shoppers to reclaim abandoned items. 

“Instant SMS has allowed us to acquire new customers and get additional revenue month on month. For us, it’s a no-brainer”

- Katie Chisholm, E-commerce Manager

SMS Results

Increase in revenue of $21,616 over two months

SMS conversion rate of 3.04%, well above the industry standard

By re-capturing customers through Instant SMS, NOVO Shoes has gained a competitive edge along with a massive increase in revenue and customer acquisition. 

“When the Instant team told us about their new SMS feature, we immediately jumped on board following the success of using Instant Checkout. Since implementing Instant SMS we’ve seen incredible results for acquiring new customers and driving more revenue.”

- Katie Chisholm, E-commerce Manager