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How Zhik US increased cart conversion by 87%

Zhik US did just one thing to increase revenue by 21% and uplift brand loyalty by 16%
Increase in revenue
Increase in cart conversion
Increase in repeat purchases
Zhik is a leading supplier of high-performance water sports apparel in Australia.
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Sean Inkley



With Instant since

December 1, 2023


Zhik US, a renowned high-performance water sports apparel company, had successfully established a strong brand presence, had high website traffic, and maintained a decent average order value. Despite this, the company faced a pressing challenge: a high number of first-time and repeat shoppers were abandoning carts during the checkout process.

Distinguished for their innovative approach in designing and crafting proprietary materials and fabrics, as well as their rigorous product testing, Zhik US had overlooked a critical aspect of their business—conversion rates.

"We were so devoted to creating top-tier apparel and acquiring new customers that we didn't consider the business impact of cart abandonment. We were allocating marketing resources to attract shoppers, only to see them leave without completing a purchase."

- Sean Inkley, IT Manager 


Zhik US was utilising Magento, which seamlessly integrated with Instant. This meant the implementation to use Instant Checkout was quick, easy and simple, resulting in just a one week turnaround to go live. 

Following the immediate success of Checkout, Instant collaborated with Zhik US to help with their expansion into new regions, allowing for considerable global growth. 

In addition, a single-view dashboard and comprehensive reporting system were established to oversee international operations spanning over multiple regions, allowing Zhik to identify market share opportunities.

"Implementing Instant proved to be remarkably straightforward, and the support provided by the staff has been exceptional. They were a key technology partner who helped us to expand globally"


  • 87% increase in cart conversion using Instant Checkout
  • Average increase in revenue of 21%
  • 82% conversion rate for returning customers
  • Uplift of brand loyalty by 16% (increase in repeat purchases)
  • Increased Checkout speed of 49%+

"We’ve seen a significant impact on revenue since using Instant Checkout, and they’ve been a huge support in helping us to expand, growing our revenue even further.”

- Sean Inkley, IT Manager