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Novo increased their revenue by $137k per month with Instant

See how Australia's leading fashion footwear brand increased revenue by 14% with Instant.
Increased revenue
Uplift in checkout completions
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Australia’s leading fashion footwear brand
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Sandeep Kalra, CEO at Novo Shoes



With Instant since

March 24, 2023


NOVO Shoes is a leading retailer in shoes and accessories with a proven record of continuously delivering attention-grabbing marketing campaigns. However, for their young and highly engaged shopping base, friction in the purchase experience was causing abandoned carts and presenting an unfriendly returning customer experience.


Novo partnered with Instant to take their conversion rate and revenue to new heights by allowing their customers to purchase instantly. Instant removed the overly complicated experience from Novo’s purchasing experience, and hence converted more of their shoppers. At a time when consumer spending is down across the board, Instant converted 33% ahead of Novo’s generic checkout - making a real and needle moving impact on revenue growth for the brand.


Novo saw an additional 1,000+ orders processed with Instant from the very first month, compared to past months without the positive impacts of Instant. Customers immediately resonated with and naturally adopted the simpler and easier way to purchase, resulting in a 14% increase in revenue from the very first month.

Instant made it 33% quicker for a Novo customer to make a purchase, pushing revenue in the door with a 121% uplift in checkout completions.

“Instant has been a game changer for us. Their team has given us the support we need to find the right solution and integration was quick and seamless.”

Sandeep Kalra, CEO, NOVO Shoes