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Through Instant Audiences The Collagen Co. increased revenue with a 23.3x ROI

Learn why Instant Audiences is The Collagen Co.’s secret acquisition weapon
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Nicole Mitrov
Digital Content Manager



With Instant since


The Collagen Co. is dedicated to boosting their customers' inner confidence, but after incredible growth and success, they ran into a significant marketing challenge.

A large portion of their website traffic was anonymous, evading their remarketing methods and resulting in opportunities and revenue lost. Recognising the need for a solution, The Collagen Co. turned to Instant for innovative strategies to engage these high-intent visitors and recover lost-cart revenue.


The Collagen Co., a well-established brand renowned for its robust marketing strategy, harnessed the power of Instant Audiences to achieve success in expanding their email outreach and capitalising on abandoned cart revenue.

Through Instant Audiences, The Collagen Co. was able to:

  • Identify high-intent anonymous shoppers, expanding their email database with fresh and high-intent subscribers.
  • Penetrate previously untapped markets, resulting in a surge of abandoned cart revenue.
  • Increase customer acquisition rates, fostering greater loyalty and retention among their customer base.


After testing Instant Audiences for 14x days, The Collagen Co. were able to achieve the below via their add-to-cart flow:

Open rate: 51.16%

Click rate: 5.24%

Conversion rate: 3.37%

ROI: 23.3x

"Instant Audiences has amplified our email marketing strategy. Since we’ve worked with the Instant Team, we’ve continued to see fantastic results in email list growth and increased abandoned cart revenue. We can’t wait to see what’s next!"

- Nicole Mitrov, Digital Content Manager