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WineDirect increased online revenue by +37% with Instant

See how Australia's leading online wine brand WineDirect, increased revenue and conversion rates ten-fold with Instant.
increase in conversion
reduction in checkout time
checkout completion rate
Leading Australian based brand offering a selection of world-renowned wines, including red, white, sparkling and champagne.
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With Instant since

April 3, 2023


Wine Direct, a leading online wine store based in South Australia, prides itself on offering a diverse selection of high-quality wines at great value. However, the company faced a significant challenge in converting potential customers into actual buyers. 

The existing process required each customer to create an account before making a purchase, leading to a lengthy and less-than-ideal experience. This friction resulted in 90% of customers abandoning their shopping carts at the checkout stage, causing a major loss in potential sales and revenue.


Wine Direct teamed up with Instant to create a smoother and more enjoyable purchasing journey for their customers. Our collaboration aimed to strike a perfect balance between offering convenience while still collecting essential customer information for account creation to drive repeat sales.

Instant eliminated the walls and friction in Wine Direct's purchasing process, even enabling customers to complete purchases directly from the product page. Capturing shoppers at their moment of highest intent and converting in seconds instead of minutes.


By joining forces with Instant, Wine Direct drove direct impact to their checkout completion challenge. The smoother process increased checkout conversions from 10% to 64% leading to impressive revenue growth and increased customer satisfaction. 

Wine Direct's customers embraced the new frictionless checkout experience. Shoppers are now able to complete their orders in less than 60 seconds, over a 50% reduction in checkout time. 

The numbers really speak volumes! In the first 45 days of partnering with Instant, Wine Direct processed an additional 1370 orders. This resulted in a 36% increase in online revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of providing a frictionless customer experience.

Our collaboration empowered Wine Direct to process more orders, enhance the overall purchasing experience, and reinforce their position as a leading online wine retailer. Cheers to a successful partnership that's truly raising the bar for wine shopping! 

+1370 orders in 45 days

+36% increase in revenue

50% faster checkout time

64% checkout completion rate