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Zhik increased checkout completions by 91%

Zhik increased cart completions by 91% in just 39 days with Instant.
Increased cart conversions
Decrease in checkout times
in repeat purchases
Zhik is a leading supplier of high-performance water sports apparel in Australia.
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Sean Inkley
Information Technology



With Instant since

December 1, 2022

About Zhik

Zhik is a leading supplier of high-performance water sports apparel in Australia, dedicated to providing quality, durable gear to athletes and Olympians across the globe. Zhik takes sporting apparel and gear seriously, designing and producing proprietary materials and fabrics, and rigorously testing their products right here in Australia.

Customers rave about the quality in online reviews, and for good reason. Zhik caters to some of the most extreme customers in water sports, their gear and clothes have to withstand changing temperatures and tension.

Zhik has great products, but their team had one problem. Their checkout wasn’t optimised for a frictionless customer experience - and they wanted a higher checkout completion rate. They turned to Instant to optimise their checkout experience so their customers could spend less time worrying about the purchase experience, and more time planning their next adventure.


Zhik products are highly specialised, and shoppers looking for their gear will research heavily before committing to purchase. In Zhik’s case, the cost of an item for customers is less of a concern, and instead they focus on quality and fit-for-purpose.

Being an omni-channel brand that predominantly sells online, it is critical for Zhik to demonstrate value quickly, and ensure shoppers can purchase without friction once they are happy to commit to Zhik.

Customers love Zhik, but their checkout experience wasn’t optimised for speed, security or repeat purchases. Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform with great inventory management and shipping integrations, but the checkout experience can sometimes be clunky for customers and isn’t optimised for mobile shopping.

We want our customers to love the end-to-end Zhik purchasing journey. From the moment they land on our site, to the moment they receive their online order. We knew that in order to deliver this kind of customer experience, we had to go beyond the generic checkout we were using.

Sean Inkley, Information Technology


Zhik turned to Instant to quickly upgrade their checkout, making it easier for customers to purchase, but also ensuring their checkout enables a frictionless shopping experience.

The Instant team worked closely with Zhik to identify what their biggest pain points with their existing checkout were, and what their ideal state would be. Zhik is a premium brand, with a high percentage of repeat customers. Rather than stripping away important details at the checkout, they wanted an easier and faster solution for returning customers.

We wanted to give returning customers a one-page checkout experience so they didn’t have to keep entering in the same information after every transaction. Instant has given our customers a better way to engage with our brand.

Sean Inkley, Information Technology

After collaborating with Zhik to see what kind of experience they wanted to serve its customers, Instant worked quickly to ensure repeat shoppers could access a one-page checkout experience directly on the product page and the mini cart.

The key here was giving customers the choice to checkout where and how they wanted, with the payment method they wanted to use.

They needed solution that makes it easier for loyal customers to transact with their brand. So here's how it played out.


The results - pun intended - were Instant.

Checkout completion rates skyrocketed to an average of 72% in the first month of using Instant. With their highest checkout completion rate being 90%. This is because repeat customers were given the option to checkout in one-click, as Instant saves critical shopper details at checkout including shipping, billing and payment information.

Checkout completion times dropped by 46% in the first month. This not only because the user experience is optimised for faster checkout times, payments through instant are authenticated, and verified faster than generic checkouts.

Repeat purchases increased by 20%. Shoppers now have access to a fully optimised, end-to-end customer experience with the implementation of Instant.

The support we received from Instant during onboarding was so valuable. Their level of service was outstanding and their team customised the look and feel to our branding

Sean Inkley, Information Technology