Instant Checkout is the highest converting in the world. See why.

Instant consistently achieved 50% better conversion rates compared to the generic checkout experience.




August 14, 2023


Liam Millward
Co-Founder & CEO

Every brand says their product is the best, so when we say "Instant has the world's highest and most converting checkout," why would you believe us?

Well, after months of data analysis across our customers, looking deeply into the conversion rate of Instant Checkout compared to other solutions in the market, we’re proud to say Instant consistently achieved 50% better conversion rates compared to the generic checkout experience.

Instant's checkout experience is at the forefront of driving successful conversions among shoppers. Our innovative tools not only contribute an extra 15% in top line revenue for our customers, but also enhance the likelihood of repeat purchases by 80%. How do we measure up against industry giants like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento’s generic experiences? Well, we’re agile, we’ve been in our customers shoes and we’re building tech based on the market’s pain points. We’re customer obsessed and results driven, leading the way in product development, empowering us to be agile, aggressive and responsive.

So, how does Instant consistently achieve a 50% better conversion rate compared to the generic checkout experience? To delve into this, we must first explore the realm of online behaviour and the intricate shopper network.

Online behaviour and the shopper network

As humans, we're naturally curious and eager to explore. Thanks to the internet, companies can tap into the online habits of their target audiences. They do this to boost their brand's recognition through various online encounters, this keeps users interested and helps lead them towards making a purchase. These connected online actions play a key role in shaping how we shop today. They affect what we buy, what's popular, and how the market changes. Businesses use learnings from buyer behaviour to create marketing plans, make online experiences better, and build strong relationships with their audience.

Instant leverages this network to convert buyers. First, we help our customers grow their mailing list by 15x. Receiving highly deliverable, opted-in email addresses to which our customers can retarget across the shopper network and move them down the funnel. Second, we enhance the current cart abandonment issue by increasing the reach of those who have added items to their cart, yet haven’t completed a form. They are then triggered in the convert email automation, increasing our customer’s revenue by 5x! 

Boosting customer revenue

We started out with a goal to simplify the way a consumer shops online. Our MVP was (and still is) 4x speedier than the generic checkout flow for first time purchases using Instant. From a buyer’s second time using Instant, the checkout experience is, in fact, instant! The buyer never has to input their information again. Since introducing Instant, Adorn Cosmetics has removed 10+ unnecessary fields, and three different checkout pages!

By streamlining the checkout process and creating a seamless, user-friendly experience on our customers’ websites, we’re able to reduce cart abandonment rates, resulting in more buyers completing their purchases. Zhik has been able to increase checkout completions by 91% in just 39 days

1 in 3 shoppers purchase immediately with Instant. 

We’ve worked closely with our customers to understand what they need out of their checkout experience. The user experience is further enhanced by taking the point of conversion out of the checkout and into the product pages, driving conversion at the highest point of intention. And what’s more is the ability to stun shoppers and personalise the checkout experience, increasing conversion rates by 202%. 

Success stories

So, now that we’ve covered the stats and the features, how does this translate in the real world? 

Adorn Cosmetics offer a premium make-up brand that is proud to personalise their products to suit each customer, providing free expert advice when a shopper sends a photo. Now, they are able to extend the buyer experience even further to personalise the entire shopping experience by adding personalised call-to-action buttons on their product pages. By integrating with Instant, Adorn’s checkout is 20% faster, they have an 8% repeat purchase rate and 32% of shoppers are new users.

Novo Shoes saw friction in their checkout experience, resulting in abandoned carts and negative customer experiences. Once they introduced Instant, their customers were able to make purchases immediately without having to click all the way through to checkout. In the first month, Instant converted 33% ahead of Novo’s generic checkout, drove $137k in new monthly revenue and brought in an additional 1,000+ orders!

Wine Direct were facing a conversion challenge, their process required a customer to create an account before making a purchase, resulting in 90% of customers abandoning their shopping carts. Instant introduced the ability to make purchases directly from the product page, removing friction and capturing shoppers at their highest intent and converting in seconds instead of minutes. The new process drove conversions from 10% to 64%. Shoppers can now complete their orders in less than 60 seconds, reducing checkout time by more than 50%!

And there we have it, key evidence on why Instant’s checkout converts 50% better than the generic experience. Instant is fuelled by our commitment to redefining the way we purchase online, backed by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. We’re passionate about increasing the ROI for our customers through unmatched user experiences. As we continue to innovate, the future promises even greater strides toward transforming the way we shop in the digital age.